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August 2016

John Guild

Dear aspiring online marketer,

Here’s a fact you must know and use in your AdSense business -- your most important goal is maximize CTR for your ads. If you fail to do so, all your hard work will go down the drain.

I will teach you what I mean by the jargon “maximize CTR”, but first let me ask you two questions:

    1. 1. Do you know the best methods to boost your online business profits?
      2. Do you know the proven strategies that help you get targeted traffic to increase your ad revenues instantly?

  • And a third question -- be honest with yourself -- Are your expenses more than your monthly earnings? If so, these videos teach an easy way to increase your income without more expenses.

    In today’s highly competitive world, success cannot be achieved by merely dreaming about making money.


    Don’t worry, ignorance will not be a barrier between you and your business success. There is a thin line between impossible and simple. We will help you cross that line.

    We will provide you with an easy, convenient guide to more money from AdSense without wasting your precious resources.

    When you have the proper tactics to apply Google ads to your website, you could easily reach out to millions of scattered Internet users in very little time.

    You can make money online. You can have a piece of the advertising pie! It’s huge! There’s plenty for everyone.
    Here’s proof -

    • Google charges up to $50 per click from Pay-Per-Click keyword bids.
    • Google will pay you some of that for clicks on ads on your site.
    • 80% of businesses choose at least one paid advertising strategy.
    • Over 1.2 Million businesses worldwide advertise on Google.
    • Google’s global net ad revenue in 2015 was $51.8 Billion.
    • Google’s share of global net ad revenue in 2015 was 30%.
    • Google’s share of the global digital advertising market was 31.1%.
    • There are more than 1 Million Google AdWords advertisers.
    • More than 300,000 apps deliver Google mobile ads.



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Here’s a brief look into the excellent training we prepared for you in this exclusive HQ video course.

In Video #01: Complete overview of Google AdSense and how you can make money with it.

In Video #02: Learn what a profitable AdSense website looks like.

In Video #03: What you should remember before you start to use AdSense.

In Video #04: How to properly choose which ads to allow on your AdSense site.

In Video #05: How to choose proper domain names and hosting solutions so your AdSense sites are approved by Google.

In Video #06: Install a nice WordPress blog in a matter of minutes.

In Video #07: The right way to create content for your AdSense site.

In Video #08: How to create and set up your Google AdSense account.

In Video #09: The profitable ways to customize and insert your AdSense ad spaces.

In Video #10: Know the safe ways to publicize your AdSense site.

In Video #11: As promised, understand “Click Through Rate” and maximize CTR to your advantage.

In Video #12: A survey of many outstanding AdSense Tools designed to track and improve your results.

In Video #13: The Do’s and Don’ts of Google AdSense.

In Video #14: A look at some highly profitable alternatives to AdSense.

In Video #15: Excellent case studies of successful Google AdSense websites.

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